27 March, 2015

This is nice: Champagne and Canard

Somebody has to do the hard work.

So we did a bit of tasting for you last sunday.

Which champagne would you choose to accompany Confit de canard?

Well, from our range Selection is an excellent choice. It is the elder of our Blanc de Blancs vintage champagnes.

In Danmark you will find this 2006-vintage at Thingstedhus in Østjylland and at ChampagneSelskabet in Copenhagen. You may also find it in the caves of Restaurant Knapp close to Aabenraa in Soenderjylland. Abroad Luxembourg residents or visitors may want to pop by Danish Deli for a bottle.

So we cover just a tiny part of the globe. And you are elsewhere? Drop us a

mail and let's find a way to provide you.

The Confit you will have to find yourselves.

The one we had has spend its life running around outside our neighbourhood Auberge. In this outdoor Birdland.

Dinner: Leak soup, no champagne.

Excellent tasting.

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