03 March, 2015

Holidays and vineyards

Here in Champagne kids have traditionally learned to deal with vineyards from their parents.

Nowadays however, kids in the vineyards are a rare sight. After all they are in school most of the time most days. Fair enough, there is much to learn.

Shared lives
However, we strongly believe that it is good for kids to see what we do, and good for families to share daily life and work when this is possible.

This means that I will come to school whenever they ask for parents to accompany.

And also, that the kids will come with us in the vineyards when it is holidays and sometimes weekends.

This is how we all learn about each others life, when we share we understand a bit more.

Collect the wood
To collect the wood from the pruned plants is a grand old task of kids here in Champagne. This I learnt from one of our former neighbours, who must be close to 70 years these days and who trained herself with her father many years ago in what seems another life.

I am quite happy to see my kids follow this path. Even it is just a holiday thing

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