10 March, 2015

The basics of Chardonnay

This is one of our Chardonnay vines before the pruning.

To prune a vine is a matter of generation. Only buds on one year old wood will be fertile, so our job is basically to make sure that there is always wood of this age on the vines.

Our Chardonnays are pruned Chablis style as they like it. This method leaves a number of older branches - we have two - a new one, and most important of all a small branch, that will eventually provide the new branch of next year.

Four elements is what we need year after year.

Here they are, this is all that is left when the pruning is done.

We've got three hectares of vineyards with about 8.000 plants in each so there is quite a few branches to cut. This is why we can spend a full winter with this task.

Well, now it is over.

The binding is up, and then the vines are ready to rock 'n' roll through the season

Final result is Chardonnay grapes that we use for six of seven of our champagnes.

So far, spring is very young, and we have seen no sight of buds that grow.

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