17 March, 2015

Binding the branches

Spring is here.

The vines are pruned, and now their branches are up for binding.

Each plant is attached with small pieces of very thin wires which will help the plant to carry considerable weight later.

This procedure will also shape the plants. In the plot of les Crochettes all the vines are pruned according to the Chablis-method with three arms of one, two and three years of age.

When they are attached they will look like three fingers of different lenghts that have each their space at the wires. This helps each plant to eventually gets its part of the sun and air.

Stay tuned, I will put more pictures and a video to show you this part of the work.

So far there is no visible sight of growth. With the warmer weather - we expect 17 degrees Celsius later this week - it may be a matter of time before the buds will grow.

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