04 March, 2015

Sweet rosés

We are in the process of tasting the vin clairs, the still wines, of last years grapeharvest.

An opportunity were several palates are gathered thus an occasion to check other parameters as well.

So we tried the assembled rosé champagne with three different dosages: The current one, a less sweet and a sweeter one.

Just for the fun.

At the moment less sweetened champagnes are fashion. The customers ask for them. The funny thing is however, when the less sweet or even not sweetened at all champagnes are tasted blindly, most people prefer some sugar after all. When they don't know what they drink, that is.

Around this table the tasting confirms what we already know. The majority of ten winegrowers from Vertus and some neighbourhood villages like our own prefer less sugar.

At the moment the Rosé d'Assemblage is at a dosage of 6,5 grammes of sugar/liter which is low. After all a brut usually begins at 7 g/l. This group however would prefer even less: Just 5 g/l is the preferred taste. Only a small minority goes for 8 g/l.

However, the dosage varies with the years. As it should since the vintages vary themselves.

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