10 October, 2002

Most wellknown wine worldwide

Bordeaux is the most famous wine area in the world. Followed by Champagne and Chianti as second and third, says Wine Intelligence after a survey amongst 11.000 consumers of wine from 11 key countries about which of 28 areas they know the best.

This blog is more interested in champagne than red wine really. The free details of the survey don't reveal whether champagne was known enough to make it to become second. Who cares? Here is a completely non-scientific comparison anyway:

Check the numbers, when you google the three mentioned wine regions:
Bordeaux, Champagne og Chianti.

Fun, isn't it? I guess I have to hurry up with the information, that Google of course doesn't distinguish between wine buyers, key markets and that sort of thing. It just performs a stupid search. You can read about the survey of Wine Intelligence here. But - I warn you - no conlusions, it's all commercial.

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