28 September, 2002

Women buys wine as well

There is a woman behind everything, also most shopping trolleys anyway. And it is the lady in the house who decides an average of 80 percent of its content as well. Also more and more when it comes to wines, even this has traditionally been a more male task. Times are changing, and especially when it comes to bubbles.

"It is a product, that women like, and they are the ones who buy champagne," Cristophe Rappenau from Champagne Martel said to the newspaper l'Union as he during the recent grapeharvest checked red grapes in one of the cooperatives.

Their near future is destined to be red wine, but later this still wine will be used for pink champagne. A product, that many women find attractive. You may count me in.

Bubbles top
In a survey from the French agency Ipsos 80 percent of 1.000 participating women from 18 years and up say, that they regularly have enjoyed wine the last six months. Their favourite is sparkling wines (84 percent), followed by red wine (81 percent).

According to the survey the younger women prefer lighter wines with lots of fruit, and they typically buy it sponataneously in the supermarket. Older women tend to plan more, what wines they buy, they often prefer their wines more structured and buy them at a wine shop or at the winegrower, easy as that is almost all over France.

The French women are ready to pay an average of 7,9 euros for a bottle of wine.

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