27 September, 2002

Angelic power from Abelé

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The smiling angel of the cathedral in Reims.

The champagnehouse of Henri Abelé follows the popular strategy of the time. The introduction of more special, thus more expensive, champagnes to ensure continuing growth.

The small house - about half a million bottles each year - has introduced a cuvée de prestige to celebrate its 250 years birthday. The number of bottles is symbolic: 1757, which is also the year of the foundation of the house. The shape of the bottle is equally inspired by the old days, says Henri Abelé on their website.

The name of the symbolic champagne is Sourire de Reims. The smile belongs to the most famous amongst the crowd of statues, that decorates the facades of cathedral: The angel. I will go as far as to characterize the smile as catching, even it is carved in stone. The tourist agency in Reims does use it so much, that it may tend abuse. Too hard to resist, I guess.

The house of Henri Abelé, owned by the cava-giant Freixenet, has also not been able to resist. And maybe - despite the commercial objective - it is just right, that the world needs more angelic power.

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