10 June, 2002

The best German winesites

Today I found this vote at the Deutsches Weininstitut. You can vote for your favourite amongst 12 German winegrower's sites, and you know what? Several of the websites are so nice, that I simply have to share this link.

Thus I don't even know if some German sekt could be hidden in one or more of these pages. So here goes the standard exorcism: Please remember that you only find real champagne from Champagne and so on ( ;-D ). Champagne is also where you'll find heavy-heavy websites, monstrous Flash-animations, that take over total controle of your screen and time for too long if you loose your way into the cyberspace of some of the brands with money to spend.

The Germans of course don't waste my time - after all they have quite a reputation of efficiousness - instead they supply me with pretty photos of vines, wines, beautiful surroundings and some of the experiences linked with it. Some call it winetourism. A field that is not very developped in Champagne.

While we're at it: Did you remember to vote for your champagne blog today? Since I also don't use Flash (I can't), not yesterday, nor today and very likely also not in the future, it's safe to vote for me every day here. Even the vote doesn't really matter, there is no competition to win, I'll happily admit that I enjoy to check how my blog is placed on the list. I do it every day!

Maybe I should add, that I am not against Flash, if it makes sense to use it. But pure show-off is just not good enough to waste 10 seconds in front of somebody else's commcercial.
Maybe I should add, that the reason we don't do a real website ourselves is, that it will only make sense when our business has grown a bit bigger than growing grapes. When we get that far, I will certainly remember these Germans for inspiration.

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