05 June, 2002

No sugar for bikini-babes

I have already written about how women who must or want to stay very slim, can go for champagnes without sugar. With a bit of a twinkle... for frankly... you can also choose to skip the chocolatebar and drink the glass, you really want, instead.

Well, whatever, the market for ultra brut, brut sauvage, zéro dosage, whatever they are all called, is serious and it seems to be a tendency going up.

Champagnes with no sugar
Several big champagne houses have lately introduced products, that have no sugar in the dosage. This means that the liqueur d'expédition, used to adjust the taste and sweetness of the champagne, only contains wine and no sugar as is most common for champagnes.

Ayala has introduced a champagne without sugar, Cuvée Rosé Nature, on the market for those who are very consicous of their figure (Hmm, and for those who like the non-sweetened taste too, obviously). One glas contains 65 calories, a glass of Ayala rosé with a brut dosage contains 89 calories. Ayala has not published their description of the Rosé Nature yet, but the clear one is described here. Laurent-Perrier has another with a similar, low content of calories.

The champagnes without sugar are better after maturing some years. That means, they need more ageing and are thus more expensive. But... one can of course always spend what is saved on the bikini... In England and Scotland where the sugarfree Ayala had it's debut, the idea is popular.

More to read: "EU wants to quit sugar in wine".

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