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News June 2006

30.06.2006: A new fungus disease - Black Dead Arm (BDA) - has finally been identified. It contaminates as the vines have their tops and sides cut by tractors during summer. BDA was found for the first time in 1999, and it now exists in all French vineareas, says La Journée Viticole. Some times it is mistaken with another disease, esca, the disease we - as many others - fight in our vineyard. It is still not known whether treatments against mildew and oïdium may work against the BDA-fungus.

19.06.2006: Norwegian Robert Lie, beat them all and took the first price in the competion of the title of best sommelier in Europe, the Trophée Ruinart-competition. The 25 year old winner has worked as a sommelier in five years - in the Restaurant Bagatelle in Oslo - and he also possesses the title of best sommerlier in Norway.

14.06.2006: The house of Salon, situated in the Grand Cru-village Le Mesnil-sur-Oger in the heart of the Côte des Blancs, is ready with one of its generally very highly estimated vintage champagnes. It is a vintage 1996, its colour is described as pale with glimpses of green. The new Salon has flavours of green apples, fresh lemon and ripe pears, typically for Chardonnay-grapes. Salon only presents new champagnes in years, where the quality of the grapes is great. The other years the grapes end as Delamotte-champagne, also with a good reputation even not as exclusive as Salon.

09.06.2006: Moët & Chandon continues the presentation of their top cuvée Dom Pérignon Rosé 1996. This time a photocampaign, that continues in the same decadent-elegant style as last years, where Danish model Helena Christensen was figurehead for the Dom Pérignon 1998. This time it is model Eva Herzigova, who supplies her legs for the benefit of the campaign. It is still the Chanel-designer Karl Lagerfeld, who has taken the photos. The new toprosé was recently presented in Los Angeles at a launchparty resembling Cannes and Hollywood when it comes to luxury and celebrity lifestyle. Karl and his pics almost steal the scene from Dom, but those with a wish to spend several hundred euros for the Dom will remember what all this is really about, I suppose. The rest can check out Karls pictures here.

06.06.2006: The keyorganisation of the champagne industry, the CIVC (Comité Interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne), is currently looking for a European ambassador for the bubbly vines of the region. Candidates can compete at national editions in seven European countries - the same seven countries you will find in the top of the list of biggest European export markets. The overall winner will be the European ambassador and have access, I suppose, to taste a lot of great top champagnes during his or her official year as ambassador. You can read more about how to participate in a website created for the contest. The participants will be judged on their abilities in presenting their knowledge of champagne, blindtasting and overall enthusiasm. Written applications can be send to the CIVC before July 10th. The competition takes place on October 20th.

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