21 March, 2016

Getting ready to try out tools

A while ago we finally got new tools for the tractor. This is what they look like on the tractor.

They are tools we need to plough under the wires, between the plants.

Two sets of tools
We already have what is needed to plough between the lines of plants.

To plough between the plants as well, will be another first time for us.

We expect to do trials this week.

Trials, because it is not obvious how the job may be performed. As our tractor does not have hydraulic features, these tools cannot be lifted up and down according to the position of the plants.

Nice job to deal with for the engineer of the company.

Iron agains damage
So far we have spend a day to manually distribute and "plant" these iron protections around all small plants.

This shold protect them from being damaged by the ploughing tools.

The big deal of all this - we have been working on it for several years now - is to stop using herbicides. We have reduced the amounts these last years but want to finish completely the sooner the better. Hopefully these new tools will do the jobs.

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