17 March, 2016

Binding Belles Feuilles

The spring may be here. The sun is certainly here.

But we have norendez-vous with summerly temperatures. It's rather chilly in the morning, in fact in the afternoon as well.

Perfect to bind.

No sign of pleurs in our plots. It suits us fine, as it is prefereable to finish binding to avoid breaking the buds.

Skilled work
To bind is to attach the branches to the wires to help the vines carry the considerable weight that will develop later.

Posted by Picasa
Posted by Picasa
The work is a lot faster with the machine. Vineyardworkers with years of experience work as fast with the manual tool. Matter of practise and the skills.

The more kilometers you have done, the better your chance to go a bit faster.

Alain binds the branches of the low plot of Pinot Meunier in Loisy-en-Brie.


Same job different plot: This is the Pinot of Belles Feuilles with a view of our village of Soulieres in the distance.

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