02 February, 2015

Baby, it's white outside

So far the winter has been very mild and gentle.

This weekend is no exception.

As we woke up saturday, the world was white. Or blue.

And we had to stay inside.

Go build a snowman.

Or prepare some champagne. It was too difficult to work in the vines when their feet are covered with snow.

Already in the afternoon most of the snow had melted and it was nice to prune. Not even cold. It depends more on the wind than anything else.

Saturday evening. Sunday morning. More snow.

But not the type that hangs out for long. Enough snow to build a snowman, but not enough to sleigh down a slope.

Today is Chandeleur in France. Kyndelmisse in Denmark. In France it is the day to eat pancakes. In Denmark the day where the weather is supposed to decide for the rest of the winter: If it is cold this day, expect a February that bites.

Let's see about that.

For a start, we have had more snow in the weekend than any other time this winter so far.

Andre Kyndelmisser: Den bundne jord, Hvidpudret kyndelmisse plus en og Kyndelmisses knude.


Maria fra En verden af kunst said...

Lovely pics :-)
France is amazing.
Kyndelmisse, its snow, so the rest of the winter is snow ??
Hobe not, love the danish winter last two years :-)
have a gream champagne time.

Sol said...

Hej Maria,


Der er en hel stribe gamle vejrvarsler i forbindelse med Kyndelmisse.

Vi havde en lillebitte smule sne i dag, og så kommer der tidligt forår ifgl. http://www.historie-online.dk/special/kyndel.htm

Vi synes nu godt, at foråret må komme til sædvanlig tid, men det er aldrig til at vide, så der gælder om at arbejde igennem og blive klar til, hvad der nu kommer.

Mange hilsener

Glennis said...

I hope your winter is not too snowy, but it is very pretty and gives you a day inside!

Tillery Marcelo said...

I love winter, for i love looking at the snow
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Linda said...

Beautiful photos. :)

Sol said...

Thank you Linda, Glennis and Marcelo,

I enjoy the beauty of the vineyards very much, and it's nice to share it with you.

Warm regards,