27 August, 2002

Covered summer

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I am hardly the only one in France, who will remember the summer 2007 like this: Heavy cloud on top of tiny village, here Verzy in Champagne.

Since New Year always the same song: The weather has gone mad. Well, it certainly has been different than usual. It set out really warm, since it got really wet, and then, what happened to the three-four usual weeks of heatwave I have got used to during summer?

Now, the weather of course always comes up, if you lack more interesting subjects to talk about. The funny thing is, that even most people in Champagne will probably remember the summer of 2007 as the wettest, coldest, most dank ever, they are contradicted by the statistics.

The other day Météo France said to our regional newspaper l'Union, that the average temperature is close to normal , as is the amount of rain in the department of Marne. Some other cities in France have experienced double or even triple the usual amount of rain.

Lack of sun, lots of wind
In our part of France - the closest bigger city is Reims, the departement is Marne and we are situated about 150 kilometers east of Paris - the unusual part of this summer is mainly the lack of sun. Grey clouds have very effectively gathered on top of our heads almost all summer. On top of that double the usual amount of wind. And you reach the feeling, that summer was hardly here at all before it is all too soon over.

If belief fails, there are always numbers to consult (Agreste and Météo France): 48,2 millimeters of rain in July and an average of 56,4 in the years 1929-2007 på 56,4. Alors?

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