19 August, 2002

Grapeharvest in one week

Our part of the grapeharvest begins on August 27th.

Late, when we compare with the first dates published in May, that suggested mid August, the earliest vendange in anyone's memory. But it is still very early compared to the usual period around September 20th. And almost impossible to believe when I look back on the summer, as wet as can be, but maybe not entirely as cold as I remember.

In the vineyard Alain has seen how our Meunier-grapes are busy changing colour. From the green of summer to the violet-bluish of autumn: This is really last round before the harvest.

Red grapes ready before the white
The general trend is - another extraordinary feature of 2007 - that the red grapes - Meunier and Pinot Noir - this year are more advanced than the white Chardonnay. Liked by few, but a fact.

When you press the white grapes first and the red grapes next, you don't have to clean presses and vats inbetween. If you press the other way around, you will have to clean the equipment halfway in order to avoid any mix of the slightly darker red juice with the slightly lighter white juice. Since the finished product must be as clear as possible, this year will include extra cleaning for those, who grows both varieties.

Analysis of the content of the grapes
Our cooperative reoopens after summer holidays on August 20th.

We will deliver grapes to get their content of sugar/acidity measured. We also have to arrange when we can deliver grapes, since - again very unusual - we can start to harvest four days ahead of Vertus. Our plots are in the communes of Soulières and Loisy-en-Brie.

On top of our hectare of Meunier two more hectars of Chardonnay and a bit of Pinot Noir will be harvested.

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