02 November, 2001

Growing weeds or vines

Vineyard with grass? Grass field with vines?

An evening in the company of old documents has made Alain order a lawyer for a little trip to the vines. That is, to the vineyard, we have just taken over, because it is in such a pour state. A walk there could give you the idea that it is the juicy green weeds, we grow, more than the rather poor vines.

So next Monday the Monsieur l’Expert will with his own two eyes verify, that the vineyard really is in a very miserable state, and after the verification draw up a document to be signed and stamped.

A document, that will serve as our proof, should the former tenant - we took over the plot on November 1st - get the idea to ask for the amount of money you may be entitled to, when a tenancy stops. But this - amongst other things - is of course linked with the state of the plot.

Not that there is much to doubt, but since we don't want to risk time on any possible discussions, we prefer to be safe. At times it is okay to spend an evening reading old documents. Since this is how you learn such things.

På dansk

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