03 April, 2016

The buds in mood of spring

The winter of 2015-16 seemed very warm.

17 degrees Celsius just before X-mas. Hardly any snow for us in Champagne. Very mild temperatures day after day.

And yet, spring has not arrived early. In fact, it has been mostly cold this spring.

Now, finally, we have les pleurs. The first visible sight of growth and the new season coming along in the vineyards.

And now look at this bud.

From grey to pink
Gone is the greyness of winter. You see the first tiny leave enrolled, the pink of its point preparing to come out. Waiting for some sun and warmth to unroll. Meet and greet the light.

Nice, isn't it? It also warns you that it's time, it's really time, to finish the binding not to disturb the buds too much. Since it breaks them. And we'd rather keep them all.

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