03 June, 2015

This is lifting

Relever les fils is what we did yesterday.

In English we call it lifting the wires.

First the Chardonnays that are some days ahead of the Pinots. This first walk through the Chardonnays will finish today. Then the Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier will follow.

Lift and secure,
We basically lift the wires from the floor and hook it on the post. Then we put the wooden agrafe you see on the picture to keep the stems between the wires as much as one agrafe will secure anyway. Since the quite strong wind at the moment will surely play around with everything.

As you may spot on the second picture we also have fils at the bottom. They are kept together by another type of agrafe. It looks like white plastic but is in fact starch. Thus degradable and we sure don't find many left the next winter as we prune.

More lifting, mor agrafes
This job will continue as we lift the wires further up and secure the stems with more agrafes.

Alain began monday.

The rest of the month of June we will walk up and down the routes to lift, secure and put back stems that are not between the wires.

This is how you may work your tan in Champagne if the sun comes out to play.

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