10 February, 2015

Petzi and Proud Mary

The idea of champagne is truly big, and it pops up in even the least likely places.

I'd like you to meet Rasmus Klump, Skaeg, Pingo and Pelle. They are well-beloved Danish cartoon characters from the fifties, and many Danish kids will get to know them sooner or later. Our own kids watched cartoons with them for hours and hours.

These cute little characters live in a nice and neat world of their own. Every day they set out to explore the seven seas with their ship, Proud Mary. Always back for dinner, and dinner is always a tower of pancakes, cooked by Mum.

Petzi the bear
Now, what a surprise to hold this cover of a French translation from 1957!

Also, I could never imagined, that even Rasmus Klump aka Petzi would baptize his boat with champagne. But, then again, all true sailors do, don't they? It's bad luck to go for sparklers, they say.

This album belongs to a true connaisseur who owns the whole series. We spend a good deal of an hour of attendance whilst our kids did their swimming course to exchange facts - both good-to-know and need-to-know - about the cute little bear-like character.

More in Wikipedia: Francais, English and dansk.


Gabriele Rossini said...

Try to sell Petzi on Ebay! ;)

Life&Style Blog said...

Hi there,

You've been nominated for a Liebster Award on my blog: http://morelifeandstyle.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/liebster-award.html


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