22 February, 2015

It's all about Oscars

So time is up for the Oscar's once again. In a few hours Paris time anyway.

Showtime. Nice dresses. Ugly dresses. Moviestars, starlettes.

And champagne.

Piper is up
This year Piper-Heidsieck is up if you're in.

"There is nothing more grand than receiveing a coveted Oscar", says CEO Cécile Bonnefond.

"It is therefore very natural for Piper-Heidsieck to be serving its champagnes at the Oscar's ceremony".

We could have said the same thing about Tange-Gérard. But I'm not sure we could supply enough bottles, so we did not even try to run for the honour this year.

More movies
As for the movies, I would like to go much more often.

I really like to sit in the red seat, talk quietly with whoever is with me as we eye the trailers and then go silent as the light's are off. 100% Showtime.

"The Grand Budapest Hotel" is done, with delight. "Timbuktu" as well with mixed feelings but not about the beauty of the film. I am pretty sure we'll make it to see Whiplash as well.

What about yourselves? Which of the nominated movies did you enjoy?

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