09 February, 2015

How to get the most of a chilly friday

Friday morning in the vineyards.

We are cold.

Sunny sunny 6th of February. But a freezing cold wind. So I have to be dressed up like this.

But saved by the bell. A young vet pops by, sent to us by a friend to discover a little bit about growing vines in Champagne.

Since he is vet, I take for granted that he is used to outdoor life and invites him to discover the vineyards with me. Despite the wind.

I explain him about our vineyards and how we prune them. And twenty minutes later, we are both ready to head back and get a bit of heat back in our bones.

Come for Chardonnay
He is well prepared, and knows what he wants. I still give him the talk about Chardonnays and Pinots, but he has come to get some 100% Chardonnay.

There is just one bottle ready in our fridge, not even labelled, but boy does it smell good as I uncork it. We both smell it even before I pour in our glasses. Fresh, yeasty and buttery.

Maybe it is the cold winds. Maybe the perfect timing, an hour before lunch, maybe the champagne just happens to be good.

The rest of the bottle keeps the right temperature very well at our doorstep this Friday.

The young man leaves with Blanc de Blancs, Selection and Rosé d'Assemblage in his boot.

I guess we'll see him back on day. To talk more about good food, good wine and the joy of spending an afternoon around the table.

Today is just another monday. Maybe I could do the Blanc de Blancs trick again. How will you enjoy this day?


Flemming said...

I really like to read you block, so one can see that champagne making is not so fancy at all, but hard work.

My monday has been a normal one, at work, took my bicycle at 6 am, and after work 3 Pm i took a little ride 15 km, because the weather was so nice with sunshine and mild temperatures.
Back home i had coffee ....and now reading your block and other wine block´s as well.


fifa-munzen said...

Der Rest der Flasche hält die richtige Temperatur sehr gut vor unserer Haustür an diesem Freitag.


FIFA Münzen