05 July, 2002

Three percent destroyed

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Disease enters easily through the holes made by the hail in the skin of the grapes.

When I read about the destructive summerhails in Alsace and Côte Rotie in Rhône, I feel very happy about those three percent of the crops, that has been destroyed in our plots, as a storm blew our way some weeks ago.

Alain is annoyed anyway. Wednesday at lunchtime he visited the plots with the insurance expert, who has estimated the damages, and there is a bit of way between his three and five percent and Alain's estimate of 10 percent. And the winegrower pays the first 10 percent of the damages.

Whatever, we can be happy about work, we did not do. Alain would call it choice. Anyway, we did not remove leaves along the sides, for the berries to enjoy more sunshine (not that we have much at the moment). The leaves protect the grapes in storms, for instance against hail, and there is not doubt that leaves also rescued some of our grapes during the recent storm.

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