23 July, 2002

Colour change

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Meunier-grapes at Loisy-en-Brie, July 22nd.

The grapes have begun to change colour.

We still have terribly rainy days most of the time, but the last couple of weekends have also kindly offered sunshine and temperatures closer to 30 than 20 degrees Celsius, and the grapes benefit.

This change of colour is the last round before the grapeharvest. Alain has spent some time in both plots of vines to trim the low branches. They are typically not cut off by the tractor, that trims the rest of the leaves, due to their position almost on the floor.

The last task before the grapeharvest - if time allows it - is to remove all branches and leaves from plants, that has caught the esca-disease, to prevent further spreading of the disease during the harvest days.

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