08 December, 2001

First, second, third...

Champagne is normally a rather expensive pleasure, especially when you buy it at Danish prices. Whether it is shops on the net, distinguished old wine merchants or gastronomical temples, most sell the fizz at rather elevated costs.

Instead why not try a bid for bubbly on an auction on the net?

Right now and a few days into the future, the netauction QXL boasts two auctions of champagne. One - Mumms flagship, Cordon Rouge - is at the moment at a price that as far as I can tell is a bit of a finding in Denmark. (To compare 220 kroner in Billund Lufthavn)

I am less sure, that it goes for second bottle too, even it is in another class - the house of Ruinarts middle level - the "R", in a magnumbottle - and that goes for the price too.

If the price of the bottle and freigth runs up in something more expensive than you initially expected, why don't you comfort yourself with the fact, that you in any case have a true royal taste. Something that surely cannot be bought too expensive?

På dansk

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