07 September, 2001

Grape harvest in 10 days

Vines at Villers-Marmery, where the harvest start from the 16th.

Our part of the yearly party begins in 10 days.

The first communes began to harvest grapes today. Vertus, where our cooperative is based, starts on the 13th, Loisy-en-Brie and Soulières, where we have plots, from the 16th, and here in Verzy, where we live, from the 18th. The dates can be found for all communes in todays edition of l'Union.

On the meeting this evening in the cooperative in Vertus the president made the wishes of the management clear regarding the number of kilos to deliver every day and when. Last year the grapes were delivered in a way where there was not enough pressing capacity fast enough.

This year "La Vigneronne" has installed two new presses and also bought machinery to automatize the filling of the presses - farmers love new machinery according to Alain - so it should no longer be necessary to use raw musclepower to empty the 8.000 kilo grapes that each press contain.

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