03 January, 2001

Welcome 2006

In Verzy, we greet the new year with - surprise - champagne.

We have crossed the treshold of 2006. Probably the worst hangovers have left at the time of writing. Alain and I have entered the new year with these plans:

  • We are subscribing to a course about pruning the wine followed by an exam. Alain participates as my supporter, I presume.
  • This autumn we expect to take over another half hectare of vineyards.
  • Around the same time we will start the paperwork needed before we can put our own name on the labels instead of that of the cooperative. It will last one year, Alain estimates. Never underestimate French bureaucracy!
  • In the meantime - this summer - we expect to welcome a little brother or sister.

    Not the least the last item on the list has affected my energy to such an extent this autumn that I have had to neglect the blog most severely. I cannot promise not to repeat the neglectance this spring. But be sure that the updates eventually be limping along sooner or later. That much is sure.

    Godt nytår. Bonne année. Happy New Year.

    På dansk

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