31 January, 2001

News January 2006

A bit of pink romance for Saint Valentine's Day? These Rosé de Saignée-champagnes have one star in the wineguide of Hachette, so they can easily be drunk the rest of the year as well.

14.02.2006: The commercial - and maybe even romantic hit - named Saint Valentine's Day strikes back in Midfebruary. In Great Britain several hotels use the opportunity to spread the rose petals and equip their presidential suites with rosé (champagne that is) in the coolers and silk linen on the beds. The top champagne Dom Pérignon has announced that it will present its new vintage rosé 1996 in the British toprestaurant The Fat Duck, writes winemagazine Decanter. The rather expensive champagne will cost 220 pund. In Denmark vintage 1995 cost around 2.000 Danish kroner for a bottle.

10.01.2006: Can you decant a bottle of champagne? Yves Chappier, chairman of the association of sommeliers in Champagne-Ardenne, says to our local newspaper l'Union, that you must decide whether you want to drink champagne or wine. A bottle of champagne will loose some of the bubbles as you decanter. But then again, you may choose to do it in the end of the meal in order to ease the digestion, says spokesman for the CIVC, Daniel Lorson. The chairman of the French oenologues, Thierry Gasco, says, that you can decanter if it pleases your guests. But the carafe must be presented at the table immediately after, he warns.

16.01.2006: A Southafrican winecompany has doubled the sales after a succesful campaign directed at the fast growing blogging community. Stormhoek offered a free bottle of wine to taste and comment on. Around 100 bottles of wine - vintage 2004 and 2005 - were delivered around Europa via the blog Gabingvoid. The sales of the company doubled from 50.000 boxes in 2004 to 100.000 in 2005, says a spokesman for Stormhoek, Nick Dymoke Marr, to Decanter. It is not likely, that someone in Champagne should ever get the same good idea, since the cheapest bottles here start at a price level 2,5 times the one of the offered Stormhoek-bottles.

17.01.2006: The sales of champagne in 2005 seems to reach a new record of 307 million bottles. A progress of 1,8 percent compared to 2004, says La Champagne Viticole. The positive numbers derives from the months August to December. Declining sales in the first half of 2005 is the reason why a rather low and conservative quota of 11.500 kilos of grapes per hectar was settled at the grapeharvest, says Patrick Le Brun, who is chairman for Syndicats Général des Vignerons to La Champagne Viticole. Since then - and because of the good sales in the last period of the year - another 500 kilos per hectar will be released from the reserves from February 17th. This means that still wine from an equivalent of 500 kilos of grapes per hectar can be sold by winegrowers and bought by houses, who want to produce more champagne.

17.01.2006: La Champagne Viticole sums up the total stocks of champagne to 1001 million bottles. This means that in the caves around Champagne are stored a number of bottles that corresponds with the sales of 3,3 years. Non vintage champagnes must age at least 15 months and vintage champagnes at least three years.

31.01.2006: Topbordeaux and champagne as well - Château Margaux and Krug - were on the tables, as the two Google-founders invited world leaders from the political and econimical world to party during the annual get-together, World Economic Forum, in swiss Davos. Larry Page and Serge Brin served Krug magnumbottles vintage 1990 for several hundred guests, amongst them Israeli deputy prime minister, Shimon Peres.

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