25 July, 2000

Now Taittinger is American

The race for Taittinger is over. Or rather for the entire group, the Societé du Louvre. The american Starwood Capital Group LLC was the one that finally threw the necessary 1,2 billion euro on the table.

The former Franch group comprises apaort from the Taittinger-champagne the luxury-hotel Le Crillon on the Place de la Concorder in the very heart of Paris, 13 other hotels in the same class and the budgethotel chains Campanile and Première Classe. (Why do you just know that when something calls itself "first class" it is anything but?)

Almost straight after its new purchase of the second biggest hotelgroup in Europe, Starwood announced the champagne Taittinger up for sale once again.

The house of Taittinger has existed since Pierre Taittinger in 1931 bought the rather unknown but 200 years old Fourneaux, and later developed it into one of the ten biggest houses with a sales in 2004 of 390.000 boxes.

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