08 July, 2000

Lanson up for sale

With 700 spare million euros you could consider to acquire you own house of champagne. Actually the second biggest in the world is now entirely up for sale. The name is Lanson International.

First the bank, Caisse nationale des Caisses, put its 44 percent of the shares up for sale. Next the family Mora joined forces with its majority share of 56 percent as well, so now the interested - and deep-pocketed - buyer can get the whole company.

The price anyway is estimated by the current owners in the light of the estimated price of Taittinger (500 million euros) alså currently up for sale. The major difference between the two companies is that where Taittinger owns 280 hectares of wine, Lanson International buys all its grapes from winegrowers. The family estimates the stocks to about 450 million euros.

A lot of stories on the Lanson-sales has made the management put up a series of meetings for the suppliers, without which Lanson would not have anything to put in their bottles. According to regional newspaper l'Union the responsible managers assured that there will not again be a situation, where the suppliers do not get the payment on time as happened in 2004.

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