31 July, 2000

News July 2005

  • 01.07.2005: Pernod Ricard has received a "go" from the American competition authorities to take over the British group, Allied Domecq. The Americans thus follow the EU, that last weeek accepted the take-over. Now the Canadians has their say too.

  • 04.07.2005: 99,8 percent of the shareholders of the group Allied Domecq voted yes to be taken over by the French Pernod Ricard group, that with the purchase moves to become the secondbiggest group of wine and spirits worldwide. Price: 10,7 billion euros.

  • 08.07.2005: Winegrowers have dozens of strangely looking equipment and now one more has arrived. The new invention is called Agraflyre, and it could become important in Champagne. The machine can perform the rather intensive manual work of early summer, that consists of raising the threads in the rows, put new stems back behind the threads and put plastic clips to keep the thread together. The system currently works at 150 winegrowers in Champagne and is tested in other big French wineareas and in Spain and Schwitzerland too, writes the regional newspaper l'Union. Read more about how Agraflyre works here

  • 08.07.2005: The chairman of the board of the champagnehouse Laurent-Perrier, Bernard de Nonancourt, continues as rank-and-file member of the board. His successor is Maurice de Kervénoaël. Bernard de Nonancourt has been in front of Laurent-Perrier - based in Tours-sur-Marne - since 1949. The Nonancourt family still owns 56,08 percent of the shares of the company, that apart from Laurent-Perrier itself also comprises the brands Salon, Delamotte, De Castellane, Jeanmaire, Oudinot and Beaumet. Laurent-Perrier is today number three worldwide when it comes to value, not number of bottles.

  • 14.07.2005: The French Ministry of Agriculture has allowed winegrowers in the city Colmar in Alsace to use genetically modified wine. The purpose is to investigate if this kind of wine is more resistant to the disease fanleaf virus, that reduces the yield very much. The organisation Terre et Vin du Monde, with members from Bourgogne, Bordeaux, Spain, Sicity and others, is against the attempt. More about the virus at INRA

  • 28.07.2005: Several of the big champagnehouses have had good sales on minibottles in a young and cool design. In the last year the trendy bottles have sold for a value of five million dollars in the USA, says American poll company AC Nielsen. A growth of 25 percent. Pommery was the first with "Pop", others have followed in the successful footpaths. This summer the very blue and pink minis of Nicholas Feuillatte, One Four, has made it into just about all the magazines. Laurent-Perrier, Heidsieck & Co. and Moët et Chandon have all joined the minitrend.

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