04 July, 2016

Happy days for weeds

Weeds. We don't really want them in the vineyards.

Mechanical or chemical
There are two solutions: The mechanical solution or the chemical one.

So far we have used chemicals. We had no choice.

However, this year we finally were able to buy the tools needed to work the soils instead.

Difficult to plough
Just about non stop rain has made it a very difficult task to work with the tractor. Since you better avoid heavy material when the soils are wet and soft in order not to compress too much.

This week Alain finally managed to plough some of the plots.

Others still are a great deal greener than we like at the bottom. And once these climbing things reach the vines you need your hands and quite a lot of time.

Well, another monday approaching, we've got weeds for everybody with spare hands.

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