05 July, 2016


This is one of our vineyards in Loisy-en-Brie.

We have worked here together for more than ten years. Alain on his own much longer.

Many rules
Here in Champagne the way we grow the vines are rather fixed. But within the rules, the many rules, you can still introduce new ways, other features that may, or may not, work better than what you used to do.

So every year, Alain will find something to change to see if it can be done in a smarter way.

Thank you French engineer school :-)

This year the biggest news by far will be what is happening tomorrow.

Certification for durability
We will have an audit to be certified as viticulture durable. It's not yet organic but a nice long step in the direction. And as far as we can move at the moment.

But then again, that quite a step forward. It is only four years ago we gained full control of all vineyards thus only four years ago could we begin the change.

And look the opposite direction.

This is still Loisy-en-Brie. One of our vineyards. Greener than ever.

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