25 February, 2016

An afternoon of grinding

Long time, no words.

It does not mean that work has stalled though, rather the contrary: Too busy with other things to update the blog very often.

Well, we're back... Pruning is in its final phase and to finish one of these days. Other jobs queue up like the fertilizers, the binding and the storage of paper files as part of our ongoing work towards an application to be certified as sustainable winegrowers later this year hopefully.

This afternoon the fertilizers are up.

They are the little things you see on the picture above. Actually, it is birdshit, bio as we say in France, and they do stink what they are.

These ones contain iron as well and we use them to make up for the vines running low on that particular mineral. Which we know is a possible problem in parts of our vineyards.

Grind and spread
We tip the fertilizers into the grinding mill, placed on the chenillard whick is the little machine on caterpillards, that is a small winegrower's best friend. The mill grinds the pills in smaller pieces and spread them along the vines, as the machine is manoeuvered through the vineyards.

Vines do not need a lot of treatment, but as we never change the crop in the vineyards, the soils must be fed in order not to be impoverished.

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