02 December, 2015

1st plot tasting and it asks for more

The tasting sessions are on.

The wines from september are still young. This means not very stable, you must treat them a bit like kids. Give them the best you can but do not expect to see them deliver fully yet. A wine that you may find great one day, can be quite different the following week. Just do not judge it to hard, after all these wines are not adult yet, they may be as capricious as teenagers and it is okay.

Patience often pays though. Also today.

The wines are so much better than last week. It was, in fact, a bit disappointing.

Plot wines upa
This week amongst others a line of parcellaires are up. Plot wines, thus important to each of the tasters, as most do at least one or two plot wines.

We care for ours. The third in a line of three, not yet for sale but oh, are we looking forward for that moment?

So far we name it Vieilles vignes because we can... in fact all our vines are old, we have just not bottled one so far. That will change,

In this 100% Chardonnay we find both the acidity necessary for a wine to keep and develop but also fruits and a certain souplesse or softness.

And today it received both charmeur and prometteur from the hardest Vertus-gang who basically like only Chardonnay from Vertus, and the grandfather of all maintained the comments even as it was revealed to be a simple autres crus from yours truly.

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