16 December, 2015

Multipurpose vendangeoir Noël style

Every year we do a x-mas party the Danish way for our children and adult friends in Champagne.

The party takes place in the afternoon, now and then well into the evening as well, with an atelier of decorations, x-mas cookies and beignets and vin chaud, gloegg in Danish, which is of course prepared with our local redwine, and it does a good job in this set-up as well. Your vin chaud can never be better than the wine was from the start, so it actually makes a difference with a wine of several years even a bit on the light side like our Coteaux Champenois.

But party or not, you can still glue som labels in the morning as you wait for the arrival of your guests .

And so we did.

Some of these Selection of 2006 even left the building a few hours later.

To help securing a merry x-mas somewhere.

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