24 November, 2015

To prune or not to prune

Welcome to our upper vineyard of Chardonnays in Loisy-en-Brie

At pruning time.

Sunday and monday with temperatures that suits the season better than what we had lately. Cool and closer to zero degrees Celsius than 10 or even 15.

Tuesday even with a possibility of a little snow. Want to see the flakes before I believe that one though.

But a bit of temperatures below should suit the vines well.

So far the wood has not been very great. Maybe due to the unusually warm temperatures this autumn.

This is the wood where next years grapes are due, so the quality is quite important.

These ones are ready.

Next spring we'll know more.

Until then there is another 24.000 vines to deal with.


We actually don't count them :-)

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