19 October, 2015

Wooden plastic

Usually we do like this as we prune our vines.

That is we remove the branches and burn them straigth away to prevent possible disease from spreading.

There are other ways. We were introduced to one of them in the VITeff exhibition for wineprofesionnals in Epernay last week.

The box looks like plastic, doesn't it? It feels like it as well.

It's not. Well not completely anyway.

Guess what, this box is made of 30% cut off wine branches combined with 70% recycled plastic.

The branches end up like these little pills, that are used for the boxes,

The only problem is the colour.

Not that easy to spot in a vineyard where plastic boxes currently in use look like this.

But when you have a product that is is based on sustainability, you don't really feel like adding colour that would reduce it.

So I guess we can learn to live with it.

Especially since the price is supposed to be similar to traditional plasticboxes.

We have boxes to replace before next grapeharvest, and will look forward to see this product on the market.

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