12 August, 2015

Review from Rheingau: On women and wine

"Naturally I discussed the theme of Women and Wine with Solveig," says Christin Jordan in her blog.

"She sees the womens share of the top jobs as growing as well as making the rather Scandinavien point-of-view "isn't that rather normal?" And: "Women don't make different wines than men. Different (male) winemakers make different wines, different (female) winemakers make different wines. Wines for men, wines for women, actually it's not really a theme here. Differences are more likely to occur when it comes to communication."

Writes Christin Jordan, who is both journalist and winemaker.

She came with her Danish husband, with whom she makes Dalgaard & Jordan wines in Mittelrhein in Germany.

The quote is from the blogpost, Christin wrote from their recent visit in Champagne

Read the rest of it here (in German).

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