28 August, 2015

Measuring the mosts

A warmer summer than ever.

As well as a drier summer than ever.

We are finally back from holidays and have collected samples to measure the grapes. (Done manually).

They are not there yet but they certainly approach the sugarlevels, we are after.

The Pinot Meunier-grapes are more advanced than the Chardonnays. The Chardonnays of Soulières are more advanced than those in Loisy-en-Brie even they were pruned later. The Pinot Meunier/Noir that is pruned cordon-style is less advanced, the low Pinot Meunier of Loisy-en-Brie is the more advaned and Belles Feuilles-plot in Soulieres is inbetween.

These measures are what we use to decide when to harvest what, and to discuss dates when we meet with fellow wine growers from our local area later today.

These discussion are held all over the vignoble, and they will result in the official start dates to be known later today.

So you'll know as well. Whether you're enrolled in our team or not.

This coming-up-soon vintage of 2015 can only be very interesting.

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