25 October, 2001

Add some wooden chips

Wooden chips may not be very pretty, but it is practical as cover when you work in a vineyard.

The last driving a tractor through the vineyards this year are expected to have two

The first is to cover the floor of the vineyard thoroughly with a load of wooden chips. That should create severe conditions for the very vigorous weeds, that currently have a great time in 42 rows of vines, that we will take over by November 1st. We would rather see less of the current green happiness in the years to come.

The chips will also make it more easy to walk up and down the rows without sliding. When there is a lot of weeds, this collects the moisture, thus making the weeds very slippery in the autumn and winter seasons.

We would prefer to see less of this green splendour and want to cover it under a layer of wooden chips as soon as possible.

Secondly a tractor going up and down the same 42 rows may have some less nice consequences for the rickety combination of wires and posts, that are supposed to help the vines to stand up in the light. I wonder if it may not in reality in this case actually be the vines that holds the wires. A terrible thought.

Driver and vehicle is ordered. As for the rest there is only hope and prayers left.

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You can still find lots of grapes that have matured late. They taste wonderful.

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