28 October, 2001

007 drinks Bollinger once again

You find the name of Bollinger outside vineyards in the best areas of Champagne - the Grand and Premier Cru.

In a few weeks James Bond will be let loose on the white screen for the 21st time. And I guess, it will be known by most, that Her Britannic Majesty's secret agent has a very exclusive taste when it comes to everything from sportscars to ladies, from electronic gadgets to alcoholic drinks. Champagne as well.

Which is why, James Bond - this time personified by Daniel Craig - in "Casino Royale" for the 10th time will swallow a champagne from a house, that is usually mentioned with much devotion, namely the house of Bollinger. (Find the accurate match of movies and cuvées here.)

The right cuvée for the occasion
Quite suitable for the occasion Bollinger is bringing out its latest version of the cuvée, Grande Année these days. And I'll eat my hat if it will not be the very same, that our superhero will gulp down on sheets of silk in a few week's time.

This version of the Grande Année is from 1999. It is a blend of 17 different clear wines (crus). 82% from Grand Cru-areas and the rest from Premier Cru-areas. 63% are Pinot Noir-wines and the rest Chardonnay-wines. I'll bet it is wonderful. If you like the style.

Because certainly not everybody shares this taste in champagnes. A lot of Danes - according to my not statistically representative experience - may prefer a champagne with slightly more sugar in the dosage, and with more Chardonnay-grapes in it than you often find in the champagnes of Bollinger. There is surely a champagne for each taste.

Brits love Bollinger
But agent 007 likes his Bollinger. Which is pretty good marketing, since James Bond in the text of the original novel drinks a glass of champagne four times, and none of them contains Bollinger. Check it out here.

In Great Britain the dry style of Bollinger has been popular since the days of Queen Victoria, and the taste of James Bond just adds to the publicity of the house, that is one of the last independant and family-owned in Champagne.

If you'll scratch my back, I'll scratch yours... Maybe that is why, visitors to the production facilities of Bollinger can discover a big collection of movieposters on the white walls in several of rooms. You are free to guess which movies.

The elegant villa of Bollinger in the village of Aÿ, close to Épernay, one of the capitals of champagne. The other is Reims.

"Casino Royale" has its first night on November 17th. As a Dane I am looking forward to see Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen as super villain.

På dansk

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