05 April, 2018

A crush in Crochettes

This is the end-of-story for the cut-offs.

A tractor crushes the branches after the pruning.

The pieces of wood will be broken down by water, wind and weather in general.

Like this the branches will contribute to maintain the mulch in the plots rather than adding to our emissions of CO 2.

Goodbye to burning
For years we have burned the branches we cut off while pruning as we are not equipeed ourselves with a tractor that can crush efficiently.

However, now we opt for crushing as

  • 1) this maintains the layer of mulch
  • 2) we can buy this service from someone who has a suitable machine
  • 3) we adapt our work to lower CO 2 emissions whenever possible
  • 4) disease does not seem to spread more with this practice

We may need to invest in warmer clothes though. Burning the branches directly in the vineyards is also a way you may keep yourself warm.

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