03 May, 2016

White lines

What do you do as you wait to count your frozen buds?

Well, Alain ¨has installed white thread wires in the plot of Pinot Meunier in Loisy-en-Brie.

White wires, silver wires
In the picture, you can see them in the low part of the lines of vines.

They are the white ones whereas the other wires are silver.

This work is not just to stay occupied.

White wires for control
The idea of these white lines is as well as the other wires that you lift them when the moment is due, you fasten them on the posts and this will bring branches back to a more centered position along the line of vines.

After frost, there is a tendency that branches develop at all times, to grow in all directions, and with the low wire you can manage them a bit more easily. According to theory anyway.

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