08 May, 2016

Off hook with the wires

In the summer we spend weeks and weeks to get the wires up. Hook them on the posts.

Then in spring we're back to put them on the ground.

A nice little job for kids at least some hours of the day.

The upper and lower wires are hooked on the posts. The idea is to put them on the ground to let the vines grow freely. Read more (in Danish).

The buds came out - under tough conditions with frost - last week, but now the sun is back, and those that were not frozen for good now develop their leaves fast.

Beginning of a branch
Each of these little green things will develop into a branch of as many meters as we let it, before we cut the top. However, that's not for now.

Just stay tuned with the wires for them time being. There are more kilometers of vineyards to set loose.

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