09 September, 2015

The grapes of 2015


Everything is ready, we think. Not least the grapes.

Last weeks generel measures showed Chardonnays 87%, Pinot Noir 93% and Pinot Meunier 97% mature.

We have had an extraordinarily warm summer in Champagne which has accumulated quite an amount of sugar whilst the acidity seems to remain at an accetable level. However, we have followed the development with some excitement due to the heatwave. Late august the Comité Champagne compared the level with that of the years 2013 and 2008 based on the data from these years. However, your own sample may still be different than the general pattern It shall be interesting to learn about the final level at the presses.

Some rain these last weeks has made the grapes put on some weight but they remain smaller than last year.

As for the rest we will no much more in the days to come.

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