07 September, 2015

Flowers and the vineyards

Getting to the end of our preparations we took the time to welcome some guests.
We went to the vineyards. Alain is not working out, he is looking for an American to show.

And then we all went for a sip of champagne.

They were not really champagne-drinkers, they said. They already tried something in a restaurant that they did not like, so what would I suggest?

The same as I just delived a few days before to a lady from Brittany, about to celebrate a big double birthday in the close family. A party, that could turn out quite cheerful.

I am quite convinced, that our visitors might come back for champagne another time. In Soulieres or a shop where our champagne is found.

Flowers from the visit
Guess what, they tipped me and made me promise to go and buy flowers with the money.

After the grapeharvest, I will get something to plant in the garden, and a flower for the little vase, the only one I have with me, where we live at the moment.

Feeling really pleased :-)

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