23 January, 2015


So how often do you guys drink champagne? We had visitors last weekend, and they were just curious.

Well, it is not like we enjoy it every day.

But obviously, when people visit, we will pop a bottle. And when we visit, we will bring a bottle as well. In between we need to get to know new vintages as well as follow the development of older ones. Sometimes we just go for a glass of champagne in the evening instead of a glass of wine. So it is not excactly like that old quote of Lily Bollinger. It all depends.

Here we taste the Blanc de Blancs 2007 for the first time. A really nice vintage, thus to be sold out soon which will take us to 2008.

Somebody's got to do it, you know.

Enjoy your weekend whereever you are. Thank God It's Champagnetime :-D

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