08 June, 2000

Grapes fight the wrinkles

The blue and green gold of Champagne are now for external use as well. A company based in Reims uses the grapes in a series of skincare, amongst them anti-ageing cream.

It is the biologist Pascal Commenil, who has come up with the idea of using surplus grapes in luxury creams. He explains to the French newsagency AFP, that he uses 10.000 kiloes of grapes for each kilo of cream. Which is why the average price for one of the products runs up to around 100 euros.

So far Pascal Commenil only uses the grains in his products, but he says, that the skin too has interesting characteristics, that are not yet fully examined.

But those who want to stick to the idea that beaty comes from within may as well continue consuming the grapes in the oldfashioned way. Drinking the champagne that is.

The beauty products were introduced in December last year under the name Remensis.

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