29 April, 2000

The first leaves

Chardonnay opens before both Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. This year is no exception.

The first Chardonnay-leaves of the year, Trépail in Montagne de Reims.

Look, how the rose-coloured bud has opened more and more, and the first fine leaves of the year are ready to unfold underneath.

It is already a couple of weeks ago, we could see, how the white Chardonnay-grapes on the southern slopes above Vertus were opening. The last week I have observed, how the Chardonnay of Montagne de Reims does not lack much behind the Côte des Blancs.

The production of leaves in Trépail in full swing.

The development of the plants may differ greatly. This is due not only to the type of the wine - whether it is a white or a red grape - also the general health of the plant and the type of soil beneath the plant matters.

This is why you even in the same row of plants see very different stages. Some plants are already developing their second set of leaves whereas others have not yet unfolded the first ones.

På dansk

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